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Series on Philosophical Methodology: Talk by Dr. Daniel Stoljar (Australian National University)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Topic: Realism v Equilibrism about Philosophy Speaker: Prof Daniel Stoljar Date: 13th November 2020 (Friday) Time: 1.30pm IST || 7PM AEDT || 12AM PDT || 3AM EDT || 8AM BST

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According to the realist about philosophy, the goal of philosophy is to come to know the truth about philosophical questions; according to what Helen Beebee calls equilibrism, by contrast, the goal is rather to place one’s commitments in a coherent system. In this paper, I present a critique of equilibrism in the form Beebee defends it, paying particular attention to her suggestion that various meta-philosophical remarks made by David Lewis may be recruited to defend equilibrism. At the end of the paper, I point out that a realist about philosophy may also be a pluralist about philosophical culture, thus undermining one main motivation for equilibrism.

Read more about Stoljar's research at: https://philosophy.cass.anu.edu.au/people/daniel-stoljar and https://sites.google.com/site/danielstoljar/

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