Care Plan

Today, the CoViD-19 pandemic brings us to a world which we have never experienced before. As individuals and as a collective, we are undergoing rapid changes. We understand that this could bring about a sense of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.

Our research scholars are:

  • Adapting to new forms of online teaching and learning;

  • Isolated from their communities due to the social distancing norms;

  • Balancing their individual and collective responsibilities;

  • Handling a surge of information overload and uncertainty about their future.

The Care Plan discussed below is an attempt to holistically approach well-being during this  pandemic situation. It is being developed with the hope to  strengthen our resolve and to handle the impact of environmental changes on our mental being in healthy ways.


Virtually Connected

Increase virtual communication to alleviate social isolation

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Balanced Lifestyle

Spread awareness about ways to holistically care for your physical and mental health

University Initiatives

Showcase information about university-driven initiatives on mental care, online teaching and online learning

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Mental Care

We are on uncharted territory at this juncture, amidst a pandemic situation. Our mental health is the tower-light which  navigates us through everything new and unfamiliar during this time. Here are some mental health resources to smoothen your experience of this navigation:

1. Center for Mindfulness and Compassion: Daily Free Live-Online Community Practice

2. Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation by Health Unlocked

3. MHN Resources

4. Harvard Health and Well-Being

University Resources


















University of Delhi has created a space dedicated to well-being during CoViD. Please check the page here.

Online Teaching

An online teaching starter pack:

Google Classroom + Jitsi Meet

Here are some helpful articles on transition to online teaching for philosophy professors:

~ Running interactive philosophy classes online (Alex Hyun & Scott Wisor)

~ Available video resources on philosophy topics (Liz Jackson & Tyron Goldschmidt)

~ Online Conference System ( Fabrizio Calzavarini & Marco Viola)

Online Learning

While you're staying in, you can join a lot of online courses on varying philosophical topics. 





Here are some of the online platforms to learn!

~ Swayam

~ Coursera

~ EdX

~ MIT OpenCourseware