Academic Support Cell aims to develop a productivity-friendly environment where our researchers can focus fruitfully on their academic individual and collective lives. Our academic support toolbox is called "Navigating Academic Life" and it offers the following currently:

  • Guidance to postgraduate students to choose a research topic and to write their research proposals;

  • Workshops on meaning of academic success, aimed at enabling researchers to take informed decisions about their careers;

  • Collective development of digital/print modules on research and academic skills as well as preparation for paper writing and conference presentations;

  • Provision of (e-) research papers and books on request;

  • Discussions on mental well-being within academic communities. 

We are in the process of developing this toolbox and look forward to collaborating with you to expand the scope of academic support. 

If you are a research scholar and would like to share your experience or are looking for academic support, mail us at